Last Night.


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10 Responses to “Last Night.”

  1. joey h Says:

    Very nice pictures Gav.

  2. hardy Says:

    you spared the lady a wet arse by lending her your rear fender! what a gent!

  3. lilben Says:

    you two are lovely x

  4. kieran Says:

    i thought it was white bar tape always? Obviously not.

    • Gavin Campbell Says:

      Ha! Always.

      Apart from when I cannot be bothered to swap tape because of a change of stem length. You see I have a 130mm with white on and a 90mm with black. Right now I am rocking a 90mm stem thus black tape… please don’t judge me Kieran. I am good person really.

  5. kieran Says:

    well i do listen to you, and sometimes i think about what you say. However the Rapha Condor will now be receiving some black bar tape.

  6. kieran Says:

    Advantage Campbell

  7. samuelkinburn Says:

    Hey man – what is the fender on the back of the colnago? Looks nice and slim.

    • Gavin Campbell Says:

      Hey Sam,

      It’s a Crud Road Racer… They are great. Very light, cheap ( £18 a pair off ebay ) and most importantly they don’t rattle about!

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