Ricoh hotness.


Slightly off topic I know but I just couldn’t help it!

This is the thing… I love to take photographs and I especially love to take my camera out on the road with me but I find a DSLR much too heavy and cumbersome. I also find that a compact just doesn’t do what I want it to so here we are, at the crossroads. Bridge cameras as they call them at Jessops are the way forward, I just need to find the right one for me. Sigma DP-1? Ricoh GR-II? Canon G11? Sheesh… I better get deciding as Xmas isn’t too far away!



Shaking up the camera world, Ricoh has just unveiled the GXR model into its line of point & shoot cameras. The GXR’s new claim to fame is not so much its interchangeable lens format but how this process works. The camera’s lens comes complete with its very own sensor meaning that the body is essentially sensor-less. This enables sensors to be paired accordingly with the task at hand and the lens itself.

Hmmmm ( scratches head ) very interesting. I am not a fan of ‘new fangled’ items but if this enables a better photograph who am I to complain. We will see.

Words from Hypebeast.

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5 Responses to “Ricoh hotness.”

  1. shamim Says:

    Go panasonic my bwoy, yes panasonic.

  2. Gavin Campbell Says:

    Lumix d-lux 4? Love it. But the sensor on the Sigma is way big!

  3. Edward Scoble Says:

    Renenber, with bridge camera, you will not get a narrow depth of field at all (with thr exception of the Sigma DP1 and other APS-C sensor compact camera).

    • Gavin Campbell Says:

      Yes edward I know and this is why I steer towards the Sigma DP-1 with it’s big Ol’ faveon sensor.

      But still, I wait.

  4. shamim Says:

    The panasonic’s have a bigger aperture I think, will give you your narrow DOF if you really want it.

    Some of the non-purist, non-geek orientated convenient cameras from the like of samsungs are really great to use too. They let you do things like focus & zoom during HD video and have better (more compact) encoding than the .mov files the ‘better’ cameras tend to have.

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