Pinarello Pantera Rosa.


Originally spotted on Milano Fixed I couldn’t resist a repost with mo pics!




Damn this looks great and especially in the pic above with the rims that I just sold to a supposed friend named kieran… you could say that I am regretting it now considering how much I recently saw a pair go for. Kieran you are a jerk and I hate you.

Photographs courtesy of speedbicycles. Those guys have nothing but pure goodness over there.

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6 Responses to “Pinarello Pantera Rosa.”

  1. kieran Says:


  2. shamim Says:

    didnt I hear you (kieran) mention your bike with campag omega rims getting stolen?

    Anyhow, I have one on the front of my bike. Brake has worn off the paint though, surprisingly sturdy rim for the age. I had a modern mavic touring rim on my front before and I bent it riding down bradford street.

  3. hardy Says:

    I second that thought! kieran i hate you! you forgot to bring me those jackets on sunday or even call!

  4. kieran Says:

    Hardy, if you hate me, how come every time i see you, you look like you want to kiss me?

  5. Army Says:

    The answer to that question kieran – he is a raving cock sucker

  6. Fixup Says:

    Lesson to be learnt from this: never sell anything

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