Safety in Numbers.


Last nights ride was awesome, I counted ten people in the peloton which for the first social is amazing.

Hopefully the folks that couldn’t make it last night will be able to get involved in next week’s ‘Weekend Workers Fixed Gear Social Club’ because as they say… ‘The more the merrier’ and there is ‘safety in numbers’.

Big thanks to Dan, Josh, Hardy, Fin, Teddy, Brett and an even bigger thanks to Tom, Nick and Chris for catching the train in from Wolvo and Stourbridge… Now that is what I call dedication!


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10 Responses to “Safety in Numbers.”

  1. kris Says:

    got my jealous on over here……….
    next time.

  2. Teddy Says:

    Excellent ride last night, despite me languishing at the back most of the way round. Will probably miss next weeks as I’ll be in glasgow and then hamburg but I’ll be back for the one after that

  3. Hardy Says:

    Real good to meet everyone and have a ride with you folks! Hope we can keep the participation up. Will bring the canondale r4000 out next time

  4. Dan Says:

    Great pics, gutted I missed it! One question though………..where was kev?

    • Blacksmile Says:

      Kev!!! He went back to LCR didn’t he… he does however assure me he will be at the next one but I guess we will have to wait and see for that one!

  5. Dan Pistaboy Says:

    The evening looked prime for a ride out. I had to put a few running miles in last night to taper off for a 10k on Sunday, but i would much rather have been out with y’all.
    Next week…..

  6. Tom Says:

    photos look lovely! golden light

  7. Fin Says:

    Props Gav.

  8. chris Says:

    great ride chaps, thanks. till tuesday.

  9. Adriana @ Canondale Online Says:

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